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Biotec AHG provides strategic disclosure of your company and its products, through directed informations to a targeted audience. Prepared in specific areas of our site, this information will enable high visibility and constant interaction with various professionals in the life science and biotechnology network.


Corporate solutions
Development and production of periodicals and newsletters (printed and digital) customized and strategically designed. These corporate products aim to offer to the reader, in an objective way, quality information of professional interest, adapted to the needs of your business and also amplifying commercial marketing results.


Technical-scientific and Market Consulting
With the complexity and large volume of information generated from the research in biotechnology and life sciences, Biotec AHG watchful to the consequences of it to the market, developed various modalities on consulting executed by qualified professionals looking closely to solve client’s needs.


Strategic partnerships with key players in biotechnology sector
Due to the growth of biotechnology sector, in Brazil and abroad, and the dynamism of the information, the network of contacts is essential to embrace new horizons and develop broader business. Biotec AHG, searching expand its network, is always developing partnerships with the key players in this sector.


Development and participation in projects related to Environment
Aware of the importance of rehabilitation and maintenance of the natural environment, Biotec AHG created a head of actions directed to the Environment, through the development and participation in projects and activities that use the interface from biotechnological solutions. More than a socio-environmental responsibility is a need for us all.


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